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Car Noises and What they Mean

Posted at Wed, Jun 30, 2021 12:18 PM

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Car Noises and What they Mean

A car is one of the fanciest purchases in the world. No matter how much you grow up, the love for these gigantic machines never dies. But do you fall in the category of people who feel purchasing a car is the end of it?

If yes, then think again. A person with a car must undergo a lot of experiences, especially when you need to keep it going. One among them is the noises that your fancy purchase makes. If recently you hear a squeak, clunk, or clank, then it's time to head out to a mechanic. Let us take you through the different types of noises and their significance.

Types of Noises in a Car

1. Sounds That Come When You Apply Brakes:

Brakes are the first things that get affected when your car starts turning older. If your brakes start to let out a squeal like a banshee, then it is high time that you take it for repair. This type of problem occurs due to the brake pad indicator rubbing against the rotor. If your brakes are in such a delicate condition, it is best to get the brakes repaired before the whole thing slides down.

2 Noise Coming from Under the Hood:

The second type of noise that hits the car is the one coming from under the hood. This type of noise is a classic sign that the serpentine belt is loose. While many people ignore it, on the contrary, you could be in trouble. The serpentine belt makes one of the car's major systems. Thus, any type of noise in there is an indication it is about to break. Therefore, without any further delay, fix an appointment with a mechanic who can get into the meat of the matter and resolve it quickly.

3. A Groaning Yawn:

This type of noise is mainly heard when you turn the steering wheel, and the car starts to moan. These noises happen due to the power-steering pump in danger. If you happen to come across this issue, then it is time to schedule a checkup for your car and avoid sudden turns cause your safety is in danger.

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