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Why is it Important to Get a Brake Service?

Posted at Mon, Jun 14, 2021 10:38 AM

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Why is it Important to Get a Brake Service?

Brakes are essential for the smooth operation of any vehicle. Accelerators and gears are responsible for moving cars forward, and brakes work to slow them down and bring them to a stop. Effective brakes have often prevented accidents from taking place, whether from the front or the rear. Routine brake inspection is the only way to ensure that these brakes work properly throughout the year. In this way, problems, if any, can be corrected before unfavorable situations occur.

Work Done in a Brake Job

Timely inspection of brakes not only helps save maintenance money to a great extent, but also lives. Most brake jobs undertake the following tasks:

  • Checking the entire brake system to know the conditions of various components.
  • Repairs to make the brakes work in the same way as they did before the problem.
  • Changing specific components or the entire brake system.

Brakes essentially consist of a hydraulic clamp which can decrease the rotation speeds of the wheel. Different kinds of problems may be seen:

  1. Squealing Noises- If the squeal is constant while driving the vehicle and not pressing the brakes, it means that the brake pads require replacement. However, it may even mean that the pressure on the pads is not being released. In other words, this could be an issue with a caliper.
  2. Brakes Grinding While Stopping the Vehicle- If the brake pads have been completely worn away, this sound is likely to be heard. Brake rotors generally require replacement here as the damage is very deep for resurfacing.
  3. Vehicle Shudders Upon Braking- At times, the entire vehicle may seem as though it is shaking on a rough road while brakes are being applied. It means that the brake rotors are damaged or warped in this case. The mechanics will need to repair the brakes of the vehicle in such a case.

Regular Maintenance at the Service Center

Every vehicle must be taken for maintenance at least twice a year, if not more. Activities such as topping the brake fluids and other engine fluids, along with major repairs, and cleaning air filters are done during these instances. In case there are problems with the brakes, the mechanics will take a close look and drive cars to test them. If brake parts or any other parts need to be changed, they will first inform their customers and change the parts only if a particular customer agrees.

Using The Vehicle

To ensure that the brakes live for long, it is important to not brake very hard unless necessary. While seeing obstacles in the front, individuals should start braking from a distance. The closer they brake, they will need to apply more force on the brakes, leading to greater wear and tear. In other words, certain individuals may have to modify their driving styles.

Driving on Tracks

Those individuals driving on racetracks on a regular basis should be prepared for worn out brakes and tires on a regular basis. They will have to keep getting them changed from time to time. Such performance-oriented driving is not meant for regular roads.

Apart from checking the brakes, it is also important to get a tire rotation done. These rotations give mechanics another chance to closely examine the brakes of various vehicles.

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