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Celebrating Black History Month in Charleston, SC

Posted at Mon, Feb 22, 2021 10:00 AM

Black history Month

Celebrating Black History Month in Charleston, SC

The natives of the black community are an integral part of American society due to the community's perseverance back in the early days that has made a significant change in history.

One of the things worth noting is that it took a lot of effort and sacrifice of some people to let the black people become an inseparable part of American society. The history of black people is full of signs of struggle.

February is the month of black history that is celebrated in many cities and states. In Charleston, South Carolina, black history month is celebrated across different days throughout the month. These individual days are held as separate events, either depicting historical celebrations, commemorating events, awareness campaigns, or events for paying homage to influential historic black personalities.

Here are some of the most popular celebrations during Black History month in Charleston, South Carolina.

  1. Commemorating Events:

Despite the relatively small population of the black community, there are significant contributions offered by them in specific fields of life. Some of the most notable of these contributions are in sports and the military.

Black history month is full of such commemorating events allowing visitors to know about some of these black people's contributions to American society. This way, visitors can pay homage to the natives' contributions.

  1. Black Cuisines:

Another common type of event held during Black History month is the display of African American society's cuisines. These cuisines are usually indigenous to Charleston, SC, but they may be of purely African origin, with some cuisines from the USA. The visitors also get to taste the delicacies.

Some of these cuisines are long lost in history. With the events, they are meant to be known. Some of these cuisines bear the sign of heritage for the African American people or black natives.

  1. Musical Renditions and Art Display:

Music is an indispensable part of human society. Black music and arts have made their way to the general population and are enjoyed by people of different ethnic groups.

Black melancholy music is the best example of this. Some events during Black History month hold music renditions and display of artworks. Some also display artifacts that are important to the black natives.

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