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How to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Posted at Thu, Mar 25, 2021 12:10 PM

improveHow to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Be it commuting to school or to work, cars have become an indispensable mode of transport across the country This is where your car’s fuel economy comes in. After you get a vehicle, the fuel economy of the car depends on how you use the car.

To ensure that your car gives you great gas mileage and goes easy on your wallet when it comes to the fuel top-ups, here are a few tips and tricks you must keep in mind.

Avoid Unnecessary Lounging:

If you must make stops that last longer than a minute, or if you’re stuck in a jam that doesn’t look like it’s going to move over the next few minutes, turn your engine off. Unnecessary idling of the engine when you’re not moving doesn’t just waste your cars energy, but it also leads to continuous carbon dioxide emissions that are harmful to the environment. Shutting off your engine even for 5 minutes of your waiting time can work wonders, for your fuel.

Air Filters Matter:

What does a dirty air filter have to do with the gas mileage of a car? The reason behind changing or cleaning the air filters in your car is simple. If the filter is clogged with loads of dust, there isn’t a clear path for air to mix with the oil, for your engine to work, causing the mechanism to work overtime. This means more fuel will have to be used up for the car to get working well. Always remember to give your air filters a thorough cleanup as frequently as the manufacturer advises.

Minimize the Weight:

The more you burden the car with extra passengers or luggage, the more you lose out on the fuel economy of your car. Putting an excessive amount of weight on your car’s engine is not only a problem for the tires and the inner mechanisms but can also cost you a lot in terms of the fast depleting fuel. The logic here is extremely simple the more pressure you put on your engine, the more it needs to power through to work optimally. This, in turn, leads to a faster burning of the fuel in your tank, leading you to go in for frequent gas stops.

Avoid Speeding

Speeding too frequently can always lead to a decrease in your gas mileage. Apart from just causing your engine to run exhaustively, speeding can also become costly with frequent trips to the gas station. Unless you’re into competitive racing, it’s advisable not to speed up unnecessarily since it isn’t just a problem for your pocket but can potentially even be a risk to your life.

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